We believe every educator should have the confidence and authenticity to deliver a powerful, emotional experience of enlightenment that energizes you to go out and change the lives of everyone around you.

Weekly live sessions with Chris and Chris are enormously empowering and rewarding, but not everybody can make that commitment. We get it. We will not leave you behind. A subscription to GPS Lite gets you all the recordings so you never miss out.

GPS Lite


    GPS members learn how to enroll people. That electric jolt of inspiration that grabs their attention, that makes them immediately want to know more. It crushes barriers, opens doos, extends bridges. They are on board and eager for whatever happens next.




    Lightbulbs, ah-ha moments, transformation. This is why we do what we do.

    The expert facilitator. The consummate performer. You could be talking about washing machines and they’d hang on your every word.




    Years from now they will tell their audience the story about the one teacher that made all the difference for them — the one that made it click.

    They will still be using the techniques and methods and even the phrases that you used on that fateful day.

    And their audience will get it.



Membership Benefits of GPS Lite

  • Always the latest technology in online training so you can learn anywhere on your schedule
  • Learn from two of the most successful educators in the industry
  • All the live sessions are recorded and available in the archive a few days later
  • Key facilitation and life skills tried, tested, and true
  • Chris and Chris have seventy years of educator experience - make it yours!


"Winning all these awards must mean something."

Chris helped create Redken’s vision for trend shoots, styling, and finishing techniques. He helps develop the core curriculum taught across the country and around the world in Principle Based Design and Finishing, Redken education, and fashion’s hottest trends. He is a key facilitator for Redken’s train-the-trainer programs, both internationally and domestically. So he’s pretty good at what he does.

Alongside his work as Global Artistic Director for Redken, Exchange Facilitator, and training coach, Chris makes time for hands-on workshops for design, finishing, and facilitation at schools like The Salon Professional Academy. He is also the president of Fuel Productions, a company dedicated to creating easy to understand technical training systems and problem-solving for salon stylists and educators.

Goodbye Guesswork, Hello Guest Work™

Chris Baran has been training hairstylists and educators for 40 years. He has helped hundreds of thousands of hairdressers in 26 countries to understand the Principles of Design and Finishing, and how to communicate them most effectively. He has studied from the best in the hair industry and in business, to be able to share his experience in ways that have the most impact, so that his students can in turn successfully share their knowledge with their own students.


"We're here to shine the light a little further down the hallway."

Chris Moody runs one of the most successful salons in the UK, and at the heart of it is his commitment to education. With over 25 years experience in delivering seminars, hosting and creating workshops, and stepping into the spotlight on main stages, Chris has earned a reputation as a forward-thinker with a flair for teaching and inspiring. Chris has presented many times at global and European events. He has taken on the role of Skills Coach, mentoring other artists and developing them for classrooms and main stage presentations. He has travelled worldwide introducing new people to Accelerated Learning. He has delivered educator training for various global brands, for Habia and The British Barbers Association. He has been responsible for brand education launches in Russia, Serbia, Bulgaria, and Dubai UAE.

Chris has a passion for training other educators easily felt as a partner and coach for GPS and Fuel Education, hosting webinars and facilitating ChrisCamp, a bi-annual training event coaching Artists from across the world to reach their next level. A specialist in Design and Finishing, his meticulous eye for detail and down-to-earth delivery mean that time spent with him will ignite your enthusiasm, deepen your knowledge, and boost your skill level.

The Complete Stylist's Toolbox

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